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Chris - Glass D Sign - Rugby

What a great service.

 Replacement Smart Knife blades arrived almost before I'd got back from posting them!

Friendly banter when you ring up too. If only all suppliers were like this.

Robert Kulawik - Dot Studio Sign Makers - London

A Smart blade is like a good set of tyres on your vehicle.
A neglected component that is most vital in keeping you within your path!

I did not think I would ever need a smart blade, the original set of blades for my Graphtec and Mutoh plotters were cutting fine given that I spent a while to set it all up properly of course or sometimes only realising (if at all) that the blade is not set up correctly after spending a fortnight weeding a detail that should take a minute.

Smart blade comes preset in its holder for your individual machine.

You’d have to put it in upside down to get it wrong.

You’d probably need a chisel and a hammer as well.

Oddly, I only came to Edward Mathias & co after a friend’s recommendation and primarily to look for a replacement Mutoh cutting strip and pen, but since the website is very rich and well laid out with concise information and advice I ended up reading it cover to cover.
It was hard not to give the smart blade a try since the company offers a free 2 week trial!

I have ordered a set for each machine along with a pen and a strip for my Mutoh and despite of ordering late in the afternoon on Friday the blades arrived Saturday morning!

After installation I could not believe the quality and precision of the cut and I started to appreciate the quality of the machines even more.

Oh, and the excellent, beyond affordable price of it all along with precious advice and support when needed!

You will question yourself why you did not try them earlier.

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