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In the early nineteen eighties sign making in the UK was revolutionised by the introduction of affordable vinyl cutting plotters manufactured in the US by the Gerber Corporation and distributed in UK by Spandex

ALL the early models Gx4a, Gx4b, Sprint and Super Sprint were sprocket feed tangential cutters.

 Many are still in use and despite their age, when used correctly, they are still capable of cutting with an accuracy that many modern plotters struggle to achieve.

Second generation machines:- GS15, GS15+, HS15 and HS15+ are similar to the above
but faster cutting and easier to drive from popular sign making software.

 GS15+ and HS15+ were designed as tangential cutters and are best used as such but they can also be used in drag mode with the drag knife included in the accessory kit

Drag [swivel knife] mode is faster but less accurate than tangential  mode.

GSX and GSX+ are drag cutting ONLY

Envision models are sprocket feed drag cutters that cut faster than earlier models.

Odyssey models are fast drag cutters but unlike all the above machines these are friction feed with a

media sensing system that eliminates some of the tracking errors often associated with friction feed.

FasTrack plotters are Mutoh SC Series with slightly different firmware

Gerber P2C are manufactured in Belgium by Summa.


When time allows we will publish illustrations and prices.

Meanwhile please call or email so we can identify the type you need.

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