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Smart Knives - What are they?

Smart Knives
Three Smart Knives
Smart knives are designed to improve cutting accuracy and to make plotter settings less complicated.
They are NOT imported from a far distant land.
They are designed and manufactured in UK by Edward Mathias & Co.
Smart Knives are NOT "throw away"
When they become blunt you return them for exchange
Smart Knives are NOT just blades.
Smart Knives are combined blade and blade holder units.
Every blade arrives already fitted and pre-set in its own blade holder.

A Smart Knife replaces your blade and your blade holder in three simple steps.

Step 1
Remove your blade and your blade holder from your plotter

Step 2
Insert a Smart Knife.

Step 3
Start cutting.

Could anything be easier?

A new blade or Smart Knife will usually cut at a lower pressure than the one it replaces.
You should always start with a low pressure setting and do a test cut.
Smart Knives are for Drag Knife plotters
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