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About us
We rarely have time to use Social Media because we are busy serving many thousands of satisfied customers.
The vast majority of our customers are normal, decent, honest, trustworthy, and competent people who don’t have “axes to grind” and don’t use social media to broadcast every trivial thing they do and every trivial thing they "think".

We are not beyond accurate criticism but we have become aware of some negative and inaccurate bile posted by some spiteful people who sulk in frustration because we refuse to supply them.
We could stoop to their level and embarrass them by publicising why we refuse to supply them but they usually do a perfectly good job of humiliating themselves so rather than waste time correcting their libel with individual replies we will merely comment on the benefits and disadvantages of Social Media.

Social Media provides a platform for people who might otherwise find it difficult to get information into the public domain.
When it is used responsibly by intelligent people it can be a great benefit to society.

Because it is largely unregulated it can be misused - sometimes by dangerous and misguided people - to publish falsehood and prejudice to mislead and incite gullible followers to jump onto their bandwagons.
Far too often this is simply described as “fake news” - but it has already caused many serious problems for society.

Are they sources of information or are they tools for blackmailers?
Posting and threatening to post negative reviews are becoming new forms of blackmail.
Mischievous morons can libel people they don't even know and review sites allow them to do it anonymously.
Review site providers make little or no attempt to check the accuracy of what they allow to be published on their sites.
They also make it difficult and time consuming for readers - whether they be beneficiaries of positive reviews or victims of libel - to challenge or refute what is published about them.
If the site providers were UK based newspapers or radio or TV broadcasters they could be sued for libel or slander.

Keyboard warriors, amateur blackmailers, mischievous morons and similar ****** who post inaccurate bile can usually do so without being challenged because the people they libel have more dignity than to stoop to their level.
Interestingly, we notice that keyboard warriors are usually self appointed "experts", “serial reviewers” (or "local guides") who post comments, usually negative, about everybody who has had (or refused to have) dealings with them.
Perhaps they feel insignificant and want the world to know they exist.
Perhaps they think it excuses them from paying their bills.
Perhaps they are just sad people with nothing better to do.
Who knows? - even they probably don't.

Litigation can be expensive - keyboard warriors are usually impecunious - so they know they are not worth suing.

Keyboard warriors often fail to realise that by advertising their inaccuracracies they make themselves look foolish.

Many people who read social media reviews are smarter than those who post them.
When they have finished laughing they contact us and become customers.

And also to amateur blackmailers and similar vermin.
Please continue to publish your entertaining libel – you are increasing our income.
But don’t irritate us too much or we might be tempted to publish WHY we refuse to supply you.
Many keyboard warriors think that by refusing to supply them we deprive ourselves of what they think is "their valuable business"  but what they rarely seem to realise is that what they purchase from their "other" supplier, was manufactured by us and obtained from us by their "other" supplier, so indirectly we are still getting their money without having to suffer them.
"He who laughs last laughs longest"
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