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Smart Knife Prices

Smart Knives
Orders and enquiries
The best and quickest way is to call us (almost anytime 24/7) on 01928 739799
If you have not used Smart Knives before we can send you some to try - we promise you will like them.
Complete blade and holder unit
+ £3.00 P&P for delivery in UK.
+ VAT where appropriate.
Save £30.00
Order 5 and pay only £95.00
= £19.00 each instead of £25.00 each.
When a used unit is returned
+ £3.00 P&P for delivery in UK.
+ VAT where appropriate.

Exchange units
Have new blades fitted and pre-set.

Smart Knives are not "throw away" and should be returned to us for exchange when blunt.
If you send only one or two units per order you waste money on postage.

We recommend that you have a sufficient number of spare units so you can send them to us less frequently and preferably at least 3 or 4 units per order.

This is not a cunning ploy to sell you to a few extra units.
If you stock spares you will be less likely to call us in a panic when you have an urgent job and your last (or only) Smart Knife blunts or is accidentally damaged.
That situation is far too common and no matter what we can do to help it will never be quick enough.

Having more spares is not disadvantageous or wasteful - Smart Knives are never wasted.
If you change machines and/or need a different type we swap the units you have for the type you need.

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