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"Genuine" Blades

Info. & Technical
The type usually supplied by (but not made by) the machine manufacturer with new machines.

Some people ask "are these the genuine blades"?
ALL blades are "genuine" - if a blade was not "geniune" it would not exist.

What do "GENUINE" and "ORIGINAL" really mean?
Sign Industry Suppliers often put their names on products they supply.
Motor manufacturers supply tyres bearing the names of their cars.
Plotter manufacturers supply blades with their names on the packet.

Does that mean they manufacture them?
We know of no plotter manufacturer who has ever made a blade.

So where do they come from?
Specialist manufacturers.
Like us!

There are some inferior blades around (and they are not always cheap) but do not assume that ALL blades are inferior to to those branded (or re-branded) by the machine manufacturer.
They often come from the same manufacturer as the so called “GENUINE" Blades and "ORIGINAL” blades.
They are sometimes improved versions and superior to the OEM branded products.

High prices do not necessarily guarantee high quality!
It often indicates that the item has been through “many greedy hands” before it gets to you.

We have known blades we manufactured to be re-sold at 12 (yes, twelve!) times the price at which we supplied them.
And the gullible end users were convinced they were getting something better!!!

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