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Material Thickness

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Sad - difficult to believe - but sadly true.
When we refused to supply a "miraculous 60 degree blade" we were berated by a very angry man who said:
"I paid nearly a hundred ******* quid for this machine and the fella wot sold it to me on **** sez it will cut up to one and a half millimetres thick and I just want a ******* blade worril do it!"
Please note that the machine was NOT purchased from us.

So why was he so annoyed?
Because we told him that although his plotter might cut "up to" 1.5mm it would not cut stainless steel.
"Burrit's only one and a half millimetres ...... the fella sed yis can give me a blade...................!!!"

The above example is extreme but please remember that plotters have limitations.
Where it is indicated that a particular machine (or a blade) can be used to cut materials "up to" a particular material thickness it does not guarantee that it will cut all materials "up to" that thickness.

Material thickness is not the only factor, material toughness must also be considered.
Power is a major factor - some machines have considerably more (or less) power than others.
Temperature is yet another factor - it can cause material toughness to vary quite dramatically.

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