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When we supply machines -  You get ACCURATE informationYou get free delivery (in UK)You get free blades or Smart Knives worth £200+You get onsite warranty - usually 3 yearsYou get long term tech. supportYou will NOT get sales patterYou will NOT be pestered by salespeople

Buying directly from manufacturers is usually cheaper than buying from retailers but Summa and most other machine manufacturers transact most, or all, of their business through distributors.
They don't discount prices to end users because it would put them in competition with their own distributors.
Distributors have a margin they can use for profit or to discount - we discount more than most.
For OUR prices call 01928 739799
Our prices include UK delivery and £200+ of free extras.
Summa S2T Series
Tangential Knife Plotters

S2 T75 - 750mm       S2 T120 - 1220mm
S2 T140 - 1400mm   S2 T160 - 1600mm

Great Workhorses
This quality of engineering does not come cheap but for heavy users who demand the highest level of accuracy and those who cut tough or thick materials these are the most powerful and accurate roll plotters available at any price.
To understand why - see tangential plotters.

All models are supplied with:
Optical positioning for contour cutting.
Auto cross cut.
Floor stand and media basket.
USB & Ethernet ports.
And more...........................

Reserved for future use
Summa S1 D Series
Drag Knife Plotters

S1 D60  - 610mm    S1 D120 - 1220mm  
S1 D140 - 1400mm   S1 D160 - 1600mm

Well engineered drag knife roll plotters.
Not quite as powerful as the S2 Class tangential models shown above but more affordable and more than adequate for most sign making applications.

All models are supplied with:
Three years on site warranty.
Optical positioning for contour cutting.
Floor stand and media basket.

Floor stand and media baskets are included with all models except the S1 D60 with which they optional extras.
Floor stands and media baskets are less essential with the S1 D60 model than with most other machines because the mechanism that holds the vinyl roll is attached to the machine whereas on most machines it is part of the stand.

Reserved for future use

The most accurate, detailed and up to date information about these machines is contained in Summa's literature and on Summa's website so there is no need for us to duplicate that information here.

You could visit Summa's website where you will find a wealth of information if you have the time to read it.
Contact us and we will send you the appropriate brochure as an email attachment.

Email your request to -

Or call - 01928 739799

Don’t worry! you will not be pestered by pushy sales staff - we don’t employ any.
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